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Bees are insects. There are about 20.000 species of kinds of bees. They live everywhere in the world exceept on high mountains, in the Arctic and Antartic, and on some small island in the ocean.

Some bees are as small as 0,08 inch (2 millimetres). However, some bees are as big as 1,6 inches (4 centimetres). Bees come in many colours, black, gray, yellow, red, green, or blue. Most bees live alone. They are called solitary bees. Meanwhile, some bees lives in groups called colonies. They are social bees.

Bees have three pairs of legs and four wings. Like all insects, they have a head, chest and abdomen. They have mouthpars and a tongue for collecting nectar. They carry nectar in an organ called a honey stomach.

Moreover, bees have special wings that let them fly like a helicopter. They can fly backward, fordward, sideways, or stay in one place in the air.

In addition, bees have three regular eyes and two compound eyes. Their compound eyes have many lenses. Furthermore, bees can see colours and patterns. This helps them find flowers.

Odd Australian Creatures

The emus are large birds but they can't fly. They live all over Australia in a grassland area. The emus eat grass, leaves and small insects. They weigh around 39 Kg, but some weigh as much as 50 Kg.

These birds have three toes on their feet and very long legs. They can run very fast - up to 50 Km per hour.

The female emus usually lay about 20 eggs. The eggs are large and dark green coloured. Meanwhile the male emus sit on the eggs in the large nest until the eggs hatch. They sit on the eggs for around 7-8 weeks. They don't leave the nest for this time. When the eggs hatch, the male emus look after the babbies for about six mounths. Therefore, the female emus do not care for the babbies.

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